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Anago Utah understands that many companies are looking to make less of an impact on our planet. From changing out light fixtures to conducting all correspondence electronically, major strides have been made towards improving the impact businesses have on Mother Earth. Anago Utah has been at the forefront of the green cleaning services industry for many years and is proud to be a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and a Green Seal Certified company.

While our eco-friendly cleaning supplies may be free of hazardous chemicals, they still tackle all of the tough cleaning jobs that you may have. These all-natural solutions are safer for our employees to work with and safe for your employees to be around. Our comprehensive and industry leading eco-friendly cleaning practices have paved the way for competitors to follow in abandoning chemicals for a brighter and greener future. The goal is to help you reduce the number and amount of harmful chemicals that are found in your workplace – with many of these being cleaning supplies.

Anago Utah’s high-quality and comprehensive green cleaning services employ dedicated janitors and custodial staff who strive for perfection. Some of the many locations we service are:

  • Medical facilities of all types
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Daycare centers and schools – green cleaning practices are especially beneficial to young children who spend their time near the floor.
  • Places of worship
  • Government buildings
  • Retail stores and more

Our natural cleaning products can actually help you save money in the long run! By having a cleaner workplace, it is less likely that your employees will get sick from bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Fewer sick days equates to better productivity levels across all departments of your business.

Green office cleaning services offer a safer, healthier and better alternative to harsh chemicals that often have overpowering aromas. We utilize several special pieces of equipment in order to service our green cleaning clients including:

Multi-filtration (HEPA/ULPA) vacuums – The EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that the quality of the air we breathe indoors is oftentimes two to five times worse than the quality of the air outside. With so many hours spent indoors, it is vitally important to keep the air clean! Anago Utah’s HEPA vacuums help to achieve this goal by removing 99.97% of airborne germs and allergens.

Specialized dispensing systems for green cleaning solutions – All of our green office cleaning staff are well-versed and trained in the exact amounts of solution needed to get the job done. In this way, we further reduce our environmental impact by avoiding the needless waste of these non-toxic products.

Microfiber systems – Our microfiber mops and cloths clean more than 99% of germs and dust without having to use as much product to do so. Environmentally Safe Cleaning Solutions – All of our natural cleaning products are environmentally safe. Our products are packaged in eco-responsible materials and the products themselves are reusable. The vast majority of the products that our janitorial staff uses have earned the prestigious Green Seal of Approval.

Floor Matting – By working with recycled floor matting, we avoid the issue of contaminants entering your office building, warehouse, or other workspace.

Call us today for a free quote on how our green cleaning services in Salt Lake and the surrounding cities can help elevate your company’s environmentally conscious initiatives.

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