5 Things Your Cleaner Should NOT Be Doing

Ensure your commercial cleaning service follows the standards necessary to protect your business and employees. Fill out the form below to view our "Five Things Your Cleaner Should Not Be Doing" handout which educates business owners on common issues found among less reputable cleaning services.

At Anago Cleaning Systems, you can rest easy knowing that our Franchise Owners are fully insured and bonded. They use color-coded microfiber cloths and mop heads which correspond to different areas of your office. This prevents cross-contamination and maintains a healthy working environment for your employees. Anago Franchise Owners are well also well versed on the safest chemicals to use for your facility. They will wipe down your phones and doorknobs, as well as other areas that may be harboring dangerous germs and bacteria.

As an Anago client, you will receive regularly scheduled inspections of your facility from our Operations Department. Our Communications Log will keep you updated on the work that has been accomplished and ensure consistent contact between you and your local Anago office.

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