Commercial Floor Cleaning in Utah

Specialty Floor Care for Businesses of All Types

No matter what sort of company you own, Anago of Utah delivers exceptional results with our commercial floor cleaning professionals. We hold ourselves to a higher standard of floor care, from carpets to vinyl tile to ceramic tile and grout. Our cleaning service specialists are highly trained and have experience cleaning and caring for the floors of many types of businesses in a variety of industries. For more than 30+ years, Anago has been the cream of the crop for professional floor care. Below, we offer three solid reasons to choose Anago of Utah.

We Utilize Advanced Tools, Techniques & Products

No matter what sort of floors you have, our floor care professionals can take care of them. Our methods include stripping, sealing, and waxing; machine buffing; acid wash and scrub; hand scrubbing; hot water extraction; bonnet cleaning; steam cleaning; and more.

We Serve a Variety of Businesses

Whether you need standard mopping and waxing or specialty floor care and cleaning in Utah, our company is the one to trust. Our clients include auto dealerships, healthcare facilities, office buildings, retail stores, event venues, schools, daycare centers, hotels, churches, banks, factories, warehouses, restaurants, and more.

Our Prices & Services Are Second To None

Anago of Utah features completely customizable cleaning plans, and that includes our floor care and cleaning. Whether you require service several times a week for high-traffic areas or a monthly visit for general maintenance and upkeep, we will create a plan that perfectly suits your schedule and budget. Our cleaning company will deliver floor cleaning service that you will rave about. Trust our floor cleaning professionals in Utah; our reputation is unparalleled.

Quality Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Utah

When it comes to proper floor care, you can’t forget about carpets! Prone to trapping dirt, debris, and dust from the outdoors, carpets need regular cleaning to keep them smelling and looking fresh. At Anago of Utah, we specialize in helping businesses with all forms of floor care – and that includes commercial carpet cleaning services. Going far beyond the typical array of cleaning tasks, our skilled carpet cleaning professionals can deodorize and steam-clean your carpets until they look like new.

Here are just a few of the carpet cleaning services we can provide for local businesses:

  • Hot water extraction: If your carpet is made from natural materials, hot water extraction will allow for powerful cleaning without shrinking the fibers. Also known as steam cleaning, this technique is great for deep-cleaning synthetic carpet fibers, while removing tough stains in the process!
  • Bonnet cleaning: For low moisture and interim spot-cleaning treatments, we can use the latest in bonnet cleaning technology to keep your carpets sparkling throughout the week.
  • Encapsulation: This method is also great for interim maintenance. Using special encapsulating chemicals, we can easily lift dirt from the carpet and vacuum it up.

Because we allow for fully personalized cleaning plans, you can also include regular carpet cleaning in your weekly or monthly services. Whatever your business needs, you can rest assured that the floor cleaning professionals at Anago will help you put your best foot forward!

If you have any questions, we’re more than happy to help. Get in touch with us today at (385) 209-0647 for a customized quote or to learn more.