Why Choose Environmentally Responsible Commercial Cleaning

The advantages of our green commercial cleaning methods are plentiful, to say the least. Our environmentally friendly cleaning approach can keep your business safe, healthy and happy. Promote the well-being of your employees and customers by taking advantage of our eco-friendly cleaning techniques.

Some of our green cleaning solutions include:

  • Non-toxic cleaning solvents
  • Multi-filtration (HEPA and ULPA) vacuums
  • Reusable, color-coded microfiber cloths
  • No-drip flathead mops
  • Sustainable packaging and eco-friendly dispensers

Our services protect people from the hazards of breathing in or coming into contact with harsh and aggressive chemicals found in many traditional cleaners. Our green approach is easier on people with respiratory conditions such as asthma. Our green cleaning services can help your work environment and our planet in considerable ways.

By reducing the allergens and irritants in the air that traditional cleaning methods often leave behind, we can help you reduce the number of sick days employees use. Customers will be more likely to stay longer and spend more money, and since many of our green cleaning solutions use less energy, you’ll save on utilities, as well. Choose Anago of Utah for green commercial cleaning services—your health and your bottom line will thank you!

we are the clear choice for eco-friendly commercial cleaning in Utah. Call (385) 209-0647 to request a free on-site consultation and customized quote for your business!